People do know this right?

Once springs are nerfed the new meta is culverin spam… you need nerf both at once… culverin spam is basically unstoppable when in mass

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the culverin will be the first time in the spot it should be.

the culverin has bombard costs so u have a choice between anti siege or anti unit/building

And start to play rus than. There siege coast reduction and still amazing (antisiege)springalds will keep u in the old meta

If you are able to spam Culvs with 600G per pieace you kinda deserve to win.


Culverine is more siege specialist than current springald. Has 85 damage and 4.25 cool down, meaning 20 DPS against anything that’s not siege. While current springald has 15 DPS while being 40% the price and that’s before the - 25% reload time upgrade.

Don’t worry culverines won’t be the new springald.

arnt even working as idented xD

they have a setuptime ingame and there tooltip is saying that they shouldnt have. So there should be underperforming right now. They should be they perfect siege sniping tool.

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Didn’t know one can get culverines in castle age

In only some hours they will changed there mind and its the mangonel and choke points but I still getting nightmares from clockwork bombards xD

they already are… mass culverins cant be stopped… they shred cav too, they need the same nerf vrs units that springs got

springalds were op because their low cost and fast training + high damage against everything.

  1. Springalds are super fast.

  2. After springald nerf/change springalds will do better vs Culverins then before.

  3. If any siege unit is going to be spammed it will be bombards. Because they do much better vs anything not siege and 2/3 of them will oneshot Culverin anyways.

  4. The 2 civs that can make Culverins are not exactly powerhouses right now. The French can only make them out of a landmark which hampers their spam ability greatly.

Culverin spam is not something I am worried about.


But culverins are only available for 3 civs, one of which only can get it from a landmark, and they are only accessible in the imperial age.

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What? Nono this is sooo wrong , English have culverines in their siege workshop for a high cost

All seige needs a heavy nerf to damage and speed and range and a limit on how many seige engines is a person can have is a must no one likes a army of tanks running it’s running the late make it no fun at all. I know most of u will disagree because u use it. Relic needs a nerf to seige asap not wait till spring.

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End game siege wars is getting boring. Also English dont get culverns Marco, they get springalds though. I am so sick of the giant siege wars. 10 mangonels kills everything with 30 knights in front of them. Filling each population space with the best high damage high hitpoint unit is the end games goal adn those units are knights (almost 2x more damage thank men at arms and more hp) and mangonels / cannons. So that is what is made by the pros.

The mangonels spam is kinda sick. Are strong, has a good range, damage in area, mount very fast and are surprisingly tanky. And do not harm allied units.

And can start to mass it on 3th age

Siege is broken


No, they don’t. English get Ribauldequins, not Culverins.

Imo I would balance the game for mid to top level play and mostly geared for darkage into early Imperial. Super duper late into the game isn’t something you see often with high level players.

Oh , sorry then hahahaha

The patch has been out for a few days. I wonder if OP has already seen Culverine spam.

Clockwork bombards are ridiculously OP and need a nerf (I say this as a China main).

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