People not leaving the game

Since you need to destroy even single building and unit, anyone can prolong won game another 30 minutes… So annoying… People are assholes and not leaving the game, when it is clearly lost 0 units…

SPIES is your friend if your enemy has 0 units…

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Do you mean castle upgrade??? It takes long time before you even can afford it…

  • Also it takes like 10 minutes, or even more to destroy all of his buildings, even with big army over 100 supply…
  • That is yet not considering if he starts building buildings on the map to prolong game
  • Also if he recognizes earlier in the game he is losing, he can make game to take infinitely long…

Point is it takes so long to finish the game, while it was won last 30 minutes, which is annoying as hell. Anyone can troll and prolong game 30 minutes+ longer than necessary…

Do you know how the spies cost is calculated? It’s 200 multiplied by the number of their villagers, min 200, max 30,000. Therefore, if you are already winning, spies should only be a couple of thousand gold, which lets you much better hunt down their remaining units. Ignore the buildings, just kill all the TCs and villagers to prevent further buildings, then destroy all remaining production buildings if they don’t resign.

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Yeah, but still. Killing all of his buildings alone takes like 10 minutes. Than you have to kill all of his buildings he builds on map and hunt all of his units, which is another 10 minutes, or so… or you don’t have castle! Also if he recognizes he is losing, he can start preparing with castles and what not, it can take another 30 minutes to kill them…

I can appreciate how annoying it can be, but the majority of games don’t have this issue. You could just report them for griefing and move on.


That doesn’t do anything… Who would make ranked play, so you can prolong the game forever basically, there are so many salt lords, which will do anything to prolong game forever when they clearly lost…

There are also so many salt lords that demand the game to be over when the game is clearly not.

It is an insult to resign early when the game can still be fought and it’s even more insulting to demand the opponent to resign.


There is a fine line between trying and trolling. Hard to call it for the opponent, they may have a plan or base you don’t know about. In some game modes the easy answer is to win by relics or wonders, but in ranked the win condition is conquest, so you have to be prepared to hunt down every last unit.

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If the opponent is trying to fight back or defend and boom with the intention to fight back or even defend and boom to fight to the last man, the show will go on - if it’s none of those than call griefing, it is indeed a fine line.

This happens more at lower ELO. Generally speaking, the higher you climb the ladder, the less you will encounter people hiding their last villagers. Lower ELO players are also more likely to rage quit without saying GG.

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Yeah! I just started… It is annoying as hell. But there can be always some asshole prolonging the game. Even with rammers and everything it takes like 20-30 minutes game time (at least) to destroy everything. Not to mention killing castles etc. beyond point it is won and if he fights back… It is so stupid you can do that… Basically game that is won from 20 minute lasts 1 hour of game time…

If you play via quick play you can do wonder or relic victory too.

The game is very old, the conquest victory was decided as the ‘go to’ victory condition by the community. If they had all played with standard victory (relic monument) as their ‘go to’ victory condition then that would be what RM ladder would use. But they didn’t and it ain’t gonna change now, so we just gotta take a deep breath and get spies and take the 10mins to kill everything.

Also notice how in aoe4 now you win by destroying monuments so the opponent can’t drag out the game anymore. Progress

If your opponent does this:

-Destroy his main base. Capped ram/Siege Ram are your friends, the fastest way to level someone’s base.
-Make some cavalry untis or eagles and send them to all four corners, basically make sure you have vision everywhere. There really isn’t that much space to hide.
–A good piece of advice anyways is that during imp, you have a few vills building Outposts everywhere for vision. That will also come in handy now.
-See if you can afford spies. If so, you can skip the previous step.
-Hunt down remaining vills. If he tries to wall in vills, bring ranged units or rams.


Great advice from @Morgathor. Also create some monks to convert enemy villagers that are walling. Most civs have Block Printing for extra monk range, which extends their vision as well.

Since it is fairly rare for someone to refuse to leave the game, have fun with it.

Yeah one would expect developers to work out such things in remaster. Yes it is remaster, but could be more modernized. Luckily it has at least mods, otherwise game would be unplayable competitively… There are like 20 different problems… But game is not bad itself, if it would be modernized, but whatever. And AOE4 is not very good…

Yep I wasn’t praising aoe4 nor do I condemn it. Just noting the change in victory condition to eliminate this problem

If someone is dead and it takes 30 minutes for you to destroy their castles
A. you haven’t figured out that mangonels don’t counter castle
B. The moment you win a favorable military engagement you think the game is over. Meanwhile they just realize they’re on the backfoot at which point they do the sensible thing build defensive castles and train counter units in order to buy time for their hopefully superior eco.
C. you struggle with finishing off your opponents
probably a combination of B and C