Perfomance Age of Empires IV

I have a little performance problem with the game and I don’t know if it’s my computer or the lack of optimization of the game.

The fact is that the game is running between 100-150fps all in ultra practically all the game (so far so normal). The problem is when moving the camera during the game. The movement does not feel quite smooth and sometimes I have a little shuttering.

Is this normal in a pc with these characteristics?

16 RAM
M.2 hard drive
resolution 2560x1440
msi optix mag series 165hz display
G-sync active

Thank you very much!!! :wink:

nope, not your pc, this one was publicaly called out during betas and release, yes its excessive loading whenever any camera movement happens, halving the framerate on even strongest hardware
the devs are aware of this, but their thought process is stuttering with camera movement corrects itself fast enough to not be of meaningfull importance
its actually demonstrated very well by review done by digital foundry, shows exactly how bad it is, its engine related, and as you probably imagine, devs aren’t interested in rewritting entire backend for rendering to patch it
if anything your 11700K is actually being of good use here, as this chip runs well above average performance compared to others in that timeframe, the drops are a tad less severe, still big, but not as big as ryzen 5000 or prior
you can view this game’s optimization as crysis back in 2007, cpu being nearly idle, with exception of a single thread thats getting absolutely hammered

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Thank you for your answer!

Sorry but my English is not very good. So if I understood correctly this is a “normal problem” and right now there is no solution foreseen, right?

Thank you very much!

as much as i hate to say it, thats indeed the case, also your english is very solid, i’m not native either


thank you very much for the clarification!

I am more relaxed thinking that it is a problem of the game and not of my computer.

thanks again and Merry Christmas :wink:

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I have way worse graphic performance than you but I also was getting the camera jitters, bad. I turned down all of my graphic settings and now I don’t notice the camera lag anymore. Not sure which one it was but there are tips in the other threads too. Game looks like a potato now but it works.