Performance -> Suggestion

Hi everyone,

I will start to explain it with the performance:

I have an RTX 3060 graphic settings are all on High. When I look on water and border from the map, my graphic performance goes to 100%, special the grapic and 3D. This happend while I was streaming. I will test it without streaming, but I guess it will be the same.

Thats the reason for the suggestion:
include settings for
“water animation” - on/off
“water details” - low/medium/high
“3D animatiions” - on/off
“3D animation details” - low/medium/high

Thanks in advance.


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have you updated your graphics drivers?
maybe this helps…

I tested it with mining driver and updated. The same drop, but without streaming its going only up to 80%.

The settings will be good for all people who have older graphic cards.