Permanent change with the mod, but how?

How can we permanently change the visual changes (courser, icons or sounds) made with modding in the original game?

its not possible, big parts of the things you could do in the previous games are locked.

Not sure what you mean by permanently.
In regards to mods, people are working on it. There’s still a lot that people are discovering how to do.

Not “locked”.
The modding tools are quite powerful from what modders are saying, they just need more time to work on them/for the official update to release.

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its missing basic things like being able to make use of actions, which means new unique abilities and upgrades are not doable. it’s more limited than the coh2 tools are.

Ask any actual modder and they will disagree with you lol.
Regardless any big mod is going to take time.
People are already working on UI/graphics mods.
And the tools aren’t fully released so you shouldn’t make it sound like something is permanently the case.


even relic devs said that there is no access to those things for the community.

considering that i have been modding essence engine games since 15 years aswell as being part of the team that involved with the coh2 community patches, i have a pretty good idea of what is missing currently.

Except you seem to be focusing specifically on the limitations and not what’s actually possible.

I get it, the DoW III tools were very limited. Are very limited. There wasn’t interest regardless (I say this as someone who really pushed DoW III modding). But the PUP for Age IV is showing a lot of promise, and you’re not the only veteran Relic games modder around :wink: