Permanent unlock of temporary event mods (Mongol yurts, Spring colours palette), FOMO event + Main menus missing in Mods

Hi everyone,

Another suggestion that I’ve thought of is to have a permanent unlock for the 2 event-timed mods that were available from 2 events:

  1. Mongol yurts from the Mongolian Civ Celebration 2020 event:

*:dart: Play a match on Land Nomad.
:trophy: Replaces the Mongol’s houses with Yurts during the event. Note that this will be visible to all users.

  1. Spring Colours palette from the 2020 Spring Celebration event:
  • A new mod to replace player colors with a saturated color palette during the event.

It would be good to combine these as part of another FOMO event. I ask about these ones because they look good (especially the yurts - I wonder if they could become a regional house for Cumans & Tatars as well?). I also request a FOMO event, because I missed out on 1 event last year (the 25th Anniversary one!), so I’m hoping to get those 2 Winged Hussar & 25th Birthday cake icons & the IV town centre bell mod back!

Another Idea I have for a FOMO event is to allow to have all the unique main menus since launch available to unlock. Some of the earliest AOE Official Main Menus have disappeared from the Mods categories.

Are there any mods/devs who can help with a FOMO event for this year? :smiley:


Também acho. Tem que ter um evento pra desbloquear tudo


This has already been suggested in this thread too:

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The Spring colours mod is currently non-functional after the patch in Sep 2022(I think?) with the change in graphic formats. The colours modding system was a major addition to the game and should be restored. Also, Wingless Hussars are another mod which should be introduced to the game. Akin to the ability to have hatless and hatted janissaries. Any Devs who see this, please help us!


Yea what’s the point of all the effort they go through to make all these graphics if we can’t even have them permanently.


Pretty sure there are some mod creators who have simply uploaded the event mods themselves.

But yes, some of the mods should be toggle-able things themselves. Like gunpowder tracer FX and larger onager projectiles.