Persian Long Swordsman

Are Persian Long Swordsman worth making? In rare circumstances? Like the late game? Or some certain civ you facing against in the late game? Could you confuse your enemy when they are massing pikemen/halberdiers expecting cavalry only to meet swarms of Long Swordsmen instead?

Are they worth making in team games?


In most cases you would prefer to make use of your full stable and complement your cav with trashbows or gunpowder to counter pikes. Up until Castle Age they are still generic and a good choice against the eagle line so that’s their niche.

Confuse them? Yes. Win against them? Eh. Maybe. But unlikely. I’d rather invest these resources in those excellent Persian knights :slight_smile:

Even better they also get Supplies.

It’s hard to make a case for this. Early castle you could make a point for them, but you have much stronger units on this situation, like knights with bonus vs archers, camels, trash xbows, cav archers. Later in the game you definetly should opt for something your civ is beter, since they will be too weak for any practical use.

Too weak in imperial, okay late castle


Sometimes I’ve pretended to be going for cavalry and built up a mass of LS. Then I march in and raze the TC. Probably not the best strategy, but fun.

If you are against Eagles and can’t afford Paladins. Eagles are a solid counter to trash, though quite expensive, siege, camels and villagers.

The only case the Persian LS loses is against El Dorado eagles.

Though, if your opponent has enough gold, and you don’t, you are just delaying your loss.

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Its more case that they don’t counter eagles hard enough. So you need a lot of them which can get melted by other units before killing the eagles.

Its like having pikes in imperial age. All civs with pikes have some cav counter as well or a bonus for their pikes.

The persians/LS has neither for countering trash or eagles…

They deserve either the 2HS (boring but simple buff) or a discount on their imperial LS (more flavourful and fits identity)

I think the civ is focused to Paladins + Trashbows with gold or Camels + Skirmishers + siege rams without gold since they have great stable options.

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And why do you want make LS as Persians?!

i once made persian longswords against goth huskarl+halb.
I lost. … idk