Persians buff theorycrafting

2x TC HP starting in castle age

Games where gold runs low happen quite often. Oftentimes you save your last couple of thousands of gold for siege (and maybe some upgrades). That usually happens way earlier than 1:30 into the game. I at least encounter that frequently (but I’m also a boomer boy maybe that’s why 11).

Sure a lot of gold units will be better but I mean just compare to FU arb. One less atk and two less range but 2 more pa, 50% more hp and mobility. So it depends a bit on what you fight but against most ranged units your trash cav archer probably is significantly better than regular FU arbalest.

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Yes and?
I dont mind another bonus, I said eco bonus, why would you give it an eco bonus, while they’re having one of the strongest economies in closed maps. It doesn’t make any sense, Persians boom can potentially keep up with Cumans boom or Indians boom.

Nope, it wont be balanced.
Again, you underestimate the power of CA in late game, regardless the price, there is no such thing “value per wood” in AOE. No reason to make Trashbows at this point, CA+Thumbring + Full Armor + Parthian Tactics AND to top it all, a fully upgraded Hussar to form a doomsday composition.

It doesnt make sense.

  1. Folwarks basically give you the Slavs bonus. Applies on to farmers.
  2. Folwarks are an eco building, you already need a mill to build farms anyways.
  3. Your building affects every single resource gathering rate, including overpopulated mining camp. It’s super OP.
  4. We’re talking about Stables, you’re going to spam the base with actual Stable, what a brutal design, not elegant.
  5. Again, why would you give Persians ANOTHER eco bonus. Unheard of. Let’s give Cumans another one too?

You dont understand the mechanism behind Stone in AOE II, it’s an exhastable resource and that’s what makes it so meaningful in decision making. It prevents spam. You dont seem to care though.

Awwwww really, ad hominem fallacy?
Attacking me personally.

  1. Elo means nothing, I bet there’re plenty of 800 elo fellas here that can come up with great ideas.
  2. More like 1800+ solo 1v1, non-meta, Arabia/open maps. But again, elo means nothing. No reason to offend low elo community members.
  3. So in order to criticize you I have to have a better solution/idea? Interesting.

I personally dont think Persians need a buff, but a fix to this whole Elephant syndrome, just like all SEA civs.

With so many new, unique and interesting Cavalry (Lithuanians, Bulgarians, Burgundians, Poles) and Camel (Gurjaras, Hindustanis) civs have been introduced in DE, Persians cavalry feels very generic and boring to me. Kamandaran is a really fun and interesting tech for them. But before that, they are pretty generic.

I’m thinking giving them old Indians bonus - Camel rider +1PA. This goes with their anti-archer stable units theme.

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so that means huns , britons, aztecs, celts, cumans, even franks all have negative bonuses as well?? no.

even more so for persians, they consume the SAME food faster( this isnt even an issue, they arent spending even more food per vil) means they get vils sooner, means those vils work sooner, means you generate res sooner

persians would also have a negative aspect to it if the res consumption was even higher relative to the time, as it stands it is only positive, you are just obsessed with aging up at X number of vils, when those X vils are actually achieved sooner in real time

i would only like to see WE viability buffed, and give them something to fight archer resistant infantry. HC come way too late.

against this for a number of reasons, primarily we just get another civ with eco balancing to make it more viable, instead of the variety of alternatives. it also helps them when douching, which is already a negative experience for so many players.

might be interesting, basically just (delayed) free wood? and arguably functions very similar to techs like viet eco bonus, except much better? is this even possible as far as the engine goes? my first guess is its much stronger than viet so how is this balanced when they already have a strong eco bonus?

i really hope we get this at some stage

my initial reaction is trash HCA will be toxic to play against in some matches

how much do you want to buff this civ? it averages 50% winrate, but you want to stack this on top of the wood (OP) bonus? on top of a buffed version of the existing bonus?

When persians used to have 5% faster working TC and docks in dark Age, they used to be very strong on Arabia and completely broken on Hybrid, they were a dominant civ in HC3.

Maybe giving them back the dark age bonus just for the TC might be ok, considering that since early 2020 the meta evolved against them with CA buff and new camel civs. I think they don’t need anything else

This bonus turned out to be bugged and their docks weren’t working 5% faster in dark age. So 5% for TCs only is probably not a good idea for hybrid maps. It also doesn’t change the fact they only have 2 bonuses.

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