Persians (Changes)... Magyars (Eco Bonus 1-2 Ideas)

I’ve just finished the battle elephants video by SotL, this was my comment which I left in the YouTube comments section for it:

***Persian War into Battle Elephant with Charge Attack? Maybe that’s the route they’ll take with them if they add them to that civilisation as they’ve been adding more and more as the game goes on right. Or just scale up their damage a bit and keep the 50% trample of WAR Elephants somehow instead of the 25%. This would give them Elephants versus pikes against halb civs later on, knights versus archers & siege to a fair extent given their team bonus & camels versus other battle elephants and knight civs.

I just really want a Magyars Eco Bonus to be completely honest - I’ve said hussar/light cav line gains food/wood during combat, but to get them to not be 100% war-like… Maybe to further the raiding theme that is internal to their own civ - by giving them gold/stone miners generate food/wood at a fairly reasonable rate (you mine things & we either steal it or you give us wood for our cav archer arrows or food for us & our horses - battle of Lechfeld… SPOILERS - yes they lost, but the before and after this battle provides a lot of ideas for the civ)! It’s not like Magyars have some insane Castle Drop Strategies so this would bypass worries about them becoming too strong in castle & would up their Arena potential for example***.

The Persians I won’t weigh too heavily on, just wanting to put out some ideas… and I get keeping the war elephant as a unique upgrade even works as a Battle Elephant Alternative or one BEYOND the elite battle elephant. But it would require maybe a nerf to the T.C. work rate maybe stopping at 5 or 10%. Then giving a minor buff/focus on food elsewhere.

But for a Magyars bonus I really would like to see another one come along… The kills a wolf/jaguar, etc. in 1 hit is useless unless you gave those units food which immediately drops into your stockpile once you killed it in which case - I would be so powerful on Relic-/Wolf-Hill & might even help on Black Forest for Example. So separating the civ out and giving them an eco bonus from mining would be nice. Since they as invaders were most likely a minority with the Slavic peoples they lived with from Ukraine through to the Carpathians. And so gained most of their wealth from raiding and taking from the rural populace. Payment to the Cav Archer focussed Magyars with food (or maybe even add wood here) with basic resources sounds like a reasonable leap to me. They take a mining town’s food/wood to then capture & pillage a large city for loot instead.

IMO, battle elephant is not alike war elephant because they can’t take hits, not they can’t kill stuffs.

Magyars were a well designed civ, at least I liked them, but the devs stupidly gave out too many different insane eco bonus to the new civs and it is what made Magyars look weird right now.
We could give them some eco bonus in order to balance, but it might ruin the purpose of the original design.

The War Elephant is just in a funky spot I’m arguing here - where monks are their best countre since they do such high AoE damage to halbs with such high H.P. they’re not dying to knights or even camels. So my idea and this section of my post was dealing with Spirit of the Law’s video that he posted a few hours ago on the Battle Elephant. Where even in the comments there were ideas mentioned that would potentially give Persians the regular elephant line. I think it’s a bit of a ######## ### if like legionaries they were made a unique upgrade that makes a bit more sense. Where castle age elephants fit like the rest, but Mahouts would give something different - where my suggestion was keep the 50% AoE damage or give them a charge attack. They’ll still be slow like other civ’s war elephants though - then to really separate them give them the War Elephant (keep its visual sprite & animations and such as a unique upgrade for the Persians… giving them a new Unique Unit instead).

Magyars do look quite weird yes. I want to bring an eco bonus for them that slowly grows - one that we can keep tweaking without making them too strong right at the start. I think the one I suggested makes for a potentially useful bonus, without it being something that propels Feudal Age Scout cav too far. Or where it means they mass 4 - 6 knights so much faster in early castle age, etc.

make war ele cost 2 pop

My man really out here dropping spoiler warnings for battles that happened over 1000 years ago.


And this would solve what, exactly?

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Hey, hey… some of us like a bit of a surprise as we binge BazBattles & History Marche or Kings & Generals thank you very much!

I agree, the cost to produce reliably and the fact that a few monks in castle age countre them. Converting a single one of that unit is like converting 3 knights all at once. Supply efficiency would get quite wonky too I think, Starcraft always had problems for me on that front. You’re at 195 PSI/Pop Capacity & you need 1 more Carrier, so you have to find a worker or something to start it building - but maybe you’ve got a tempest that started producing in the meantime from another one &… ughhh 2 pop is a minor amount, but tec######## a 100% increase for no reason - when the unit kind of needs a buff (readjustment) instead.

Look up his post history. Or dont.

Asking for nerf a pop-efficient unit to population inefficient while hera listed war elephant as one of the worst UU in the game…

Trust me, mate, I know all about this fella’s posts and threads, but there’s something ###### ## (deep within me, thanks censors) that thinks he can still provide clarity to some of his ideas. Troll or not, I’ve got to give the benefit of the doubt.