Persians-Mahouts-Converted Elephants also run amok

I propose converted elephants should no longer change team if mahouts is researched but instead run amok. An elephant that runs amok attacks its own team, but the player who converted it cannot control the elephant in any way. Such, it is controlled by AI, and just blindly charges the team it used to belong to.

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this i feel is a use more for the flaming camel. convertions are on the rider. flaming camel would make much more sence if it did that or even just converted elephents instantly

I think that could be a really fun mechanic, though I question linking it to mahouts/WE. I mean, it could be nice for a BE civ, and I thought mahouts were supposed to stop elephants running amok.

Why would an elephant who just found religion go out and randomly attack?

This idea is for another game not this.

I prefer that Mahot give a conversions resistance in addition to the 30% speed, or maybe the elephant that got conversion die (like Heresy) which is Persians don’t get it actually

Because the only way to beat War Elephants supply effectively is with Monks.

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But still rare to see or use. 200f, 75g and need at least 2 or 3 castles. Well in general Persians is a good civ and don’t need any buff, especially they have an extremely powerful army with trash xbows and FU Paladin, this army almost doesn’t have any counter.

thats due to the insane cost - which is because of just how strong they are - yeah they are rare. but when they get out they become an absolute force to be reckoned with, with the only viable option outside of monks being halbs/pikes and even those aren’t going to win supply effectively, which means you got to invest heavily into them. opponent has 20 war elephants? you’re gonna need like 50-60 supply alone of just halbs to beat that. yeah you’re going to win cost effectively, but look how much supply that is taking to do so.

Well tbh I really think they should switch the Kamandran UT with Mahots, because Kamandaran is so powerful, trash xbows with Paladin this is really no joke.

I’m not so sure about integrating it with mahouts, but I like this idea as a bonus or tech for some elephant civ. (You can’t tell me there is not a single elephant civ being considered for future DLC, right?) It’s a bit luck based maybe, but it’s a cool thematic way to arm them a little bit against conversion.

Sounds like Total War thing only when it happened there they attack anything friend and foe alike, but only just running trough anything. Also you had the option to kill them if it happened, if you were too afraid they will run trough your forces.

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I think this could be really cool