Persians: The Best Civ

I rlly like persians, they have super good cav and the best thing is that in the feudal age u can idle ur tc in order to make more scouts and catch up with ur enemy in vill numbers later, this is also very good bc whan aging up and ur presured by archers u wait those few critical seconds to reach castle and make knights in order to kill the enemy archers, here ur helped by +2 damage against archers. Persians also have camels in the castle age if another cav civ like franks or magyars which are picked very often these days attacks u with knights u can add in some camels and clean up their forces. The Tc working speed also increases in the castle age and that means that u will have an eco lead and also a faster imp. It is a little bit sad that they lost their tc bonus in dark age months ago and that their war elephant is useless in imp, however i still consider them a very strong civ

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Yeah they are cool and even if you don’t douche a lot of opponents will naturally have to be wary of it. And that double tc hp is super useful for taking pressure especially from mangos.

I just think the whole civ is weaker to pike ram. Due to terrible militia line (the main counter)

And while you have camels and access to Paladins. Civs like Berbers and Malians can rek you before you get there…

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What I really like about the current Persians is how clear of a game plan they give me, with basically no holes in it where you’re weak and need to survive a few minutes somehow to get back on track. Okay, maybe one little hole if the opponent goes fast castle, but even that feels pretty survivable with Persians, they’re not as far behind at that point as other civs might be because of a bit of a boosted start and faster villager production starting in feudal age. It is not by any means a civ that restricts you to this one plan, they have options, but this is where the civ naturally seems to take me with my preferences.

Start by using the extra resources to get a clean scout rush build off. Try to see what then opponent is going for while doing this, so if needed you can start building some archers, skirms or, not ideal but doable, spears in response while you go up to castle age. Ones there go full knights alongside whatever number of town centers you prefer, or mix in/start with camels if the opponent is going knights. Mix in crossbows to ratio with how many pikes your opponents make. Get a castle up at some point, this can be an aggressive castle because you won’t be trying to mass your unique unit anyway, and research kamandaran when you feel like it, this will probably be somewhere by late castle age. You have now at least partially solved the resource problem you created by going to gold units. If you feel like you’re in a position to push maybe make an elephant or two from the castle to make your armies a credible threat to their buildings, or just use siege like any other civ. By early imp you will need to start using neutral resources. If a knight and crossbow push didn’t make that possible for you you are probably in a bit of a pickle, but even then switching into a lategame composition a little early isn’t the worst thing ever, making trashbows, hussars, enough trebs to get the job done and if you have any gold left your choice of siege unit or war elephants that only cost as much gold as a knight. Yes, it’s probably suboptimal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s good enough that you can have fun with it and not completely throw. You still have a very mobile unit, you can still take out the main counter to your mobile unit and you still have a means to push and do damage.

They are not an overpowered civ, they don’t have a huge winrate, and there are matchups in which they struggle, but they are very pleasant to play with. All of their bonuses and unique technologies do something for you. I would even in many situations consider mahouts a more worthwhile upgrade than elite war elephant, if you make any of the stompers. It grants survivability against monks, made to counter your elephants, and defensive buildings, which you want to be able to use your elephants against to some degree. They’re fun.

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I think it’s funny how certain civs will see a big spike in popularity, but then people maybe just get bored playing them, and then get a slight nerf so then people move on from them, but then after a while players start to realize again how good that civ is. I’ve started seeing a definite resurgence of Persians recently, it’s one of the things I love about this game, other then Franks and Aztecs there’s a ton of variety with which civs are popular. Anyway, thanks for spotlighting the Persians!


i find persians good, couse they only suck in the worst unit in the game. champoins (or should i say longswords)
it can be a problem vs eagles and goths, but the rest is mostly covered.