Personal opinions for improvement could be considered

Although some points were raised in beta test I still want to make a summary again. (Not including balance)

Hitbox is difficult to target. Especially there are massive units fighting and I want to target on a low HP unit, it always fail, another obvious case is if several vills gathering food from sheep or deer, vills hitbox will always cover food hitbox and become unable to target.

Hotkeys modification, many of my friends does not get used to current hotkey and they want to modify by themselves. They said this function already inside the game code but don’t know why it does not release yet.

Map size, some people love large map for a long battle but some people love small map to finish a game quickly. Map size can be chosen by people (at least in custom mode), and this is not necessary for people have to select a largest size for a 4v4 game (my opinion is really too large).

Map types can be more aggressive, now most of maps are preferring defensive and people can easily just wall the path to cause the game period extend much unnecessary longer.

Random maps should exclude some maps such as islands.

Navy can also have countering system like AOM for people to train different ships and more micro.

Icons are quite simple and hard to remember what it is. I play since beta test but until now I still need to spend time during the a game to check the description sometimes due to the icons are too simple and I can’t remember too much.

Defensive building should be able to choose target. Otherwise rams always go first to be targeted but no one will want tc to attck ram prior to other units.

For 3 and 4, I know some people like the game period to be long but the existing game period for me is too long due to every game average need at least 20~30 mins, some games will easily become stalemate for at least an hour to finish. If I need to wait my friend to finish a game first to play together later, this means I have to wait for him an hour a game and not all people can have such time to wait.