Petard buff vs foundations(x2 damage, on unfinished foundations when hitting with petards)

Return of the Petard thread - buff petards in being a pre-emptive units by doubling their damage vs unfinished foundations.

Castle dropped? Well if you happened to have 4 petards available and already pre-built the enemy can say byebye stone if they don’t delete their castle foundation yesterday.


I think this is an intriguing idea. Why not make petards quadruple damage against unfinished foundations? We don’t see these units very often. We might see them more if they were useful for preemptive strikes.


Seems like a good idea. Not sure how much it will help though. I rarely have a castle up before being castle dropped, and no time or resources to make 4 petards.

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just let me garrison petards in siege towers or rams. the hardest part of petards is getting them in close enough


That would certainly be interesting - I’d balance that by ensuring the petards don’t increase siege movement speed.

i mean archers and vilagers can garrison without increasing movement speed. i dont think that is realy anything new


Would be fun seeing mongol petard loaded rams 11

That would be kind of broken. Defenses would need to be buffed hard if that was the case.