Petard Buff vs Foundations x2 dmg

I request that Petards deal x2 dmg to Foundations - instead of 8 on a castle foundation it would take 4 - etc. (regular dmg vs built buildings)

This will increase their power in Pre-emptive situations - taking down building structures while they’re at their weakest.


I like it, but I think X2 is too much, maybe X1.5 (6 petards for castle)


Bump for the weekend

Simple, yet effective buff

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x2 seems good to me. honestly how often do you see petards now?! bring them back!

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How about Elite Petard upg in Imperial Age, with HP, speed and damage increase?


An elite upgrade for petards kind of goes against the philosophy of the unit, usually petards are made as an emergency siege unit, so you don’t have time to research an upgrade. I feel like what the OP proposed makes the unit better in that emergency role.


Final Bump: Sunday 06/06/21