Petard class set default to "stand ground" attack stance

currently the flaming camels and petards are set to “no attack stance” upon creation. can we get this default to stand ground at the very least, not having to change attack stance each time is a bliss.

currently only the demolition ships are not default to “no attack stance” due to them not being petards but warships. at least give option to have them affected by in game toggle option, currently they aren’t affected at all.


bump possible to get this changed?

Sounds reasonable. Not sure why they wouldn’t be on Stand Ground. That just seems obvious.



I almost forgot about this one, it could probably go under mod section as a feature. is it possible to take it away and have them consider adding/changing this for petard class?

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Hi @thieftdp8498 !

I asked my teammates and it seems this behaviour is intentional.

Petards/Flaming Camels are meant to be used against specific targets (buildings/cavalry respectively), and shouldn’t waste themselves against anything.

Meanwhile Demolition Ships are effective against any target they can come across (any ship, dock or unit on shallows) so there is less of a need for total control.

Thanks for your suggestion anyway ^-^


thats understandable, is there a way to put this as optional for modders?

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