Petards Bugged?

Didnt wanna put this in the bug section in case I’m wrong.

I walked 10 petards up to an enemy castle with 4800hp. The opponent was shooting at my archers and stuff, so im pretty sure the castle didnt zap any petards.

I told the petards to attack the castle, they all detonated at the base of the castle, taking its life down to just under 2000. It was in the middle of a game so didnt think to take a screen shot, just thought it was odd how little damage they did.

Could this have been a bug? Or do petards really dothat little damage to castles now?

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Why not do another test on scenario editor?

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i will, but a bug doesnt necessarily repeat on every occurance… :wink: also much quicker to just ask on this forum “do petards work” :slight_smile:

watched the replay (thought i had lost it) and the petards detonate simultaneously without doing much damage, as if they werent actually b2b with the castle. th castle was up slope, so wouldnt be surprised if it s a distance issue (petards read as b2b when viewed from above) but due to height, they werent b2b…

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Would be good if you would test this in scenario editor to identify clear bug with steps for reproducing :slight_smile: