(PETITION) Give hydra and jormun elver finally the models they deserve

To what are you referring? I don’t get it

The new Jormun. Is some bigger and with more details. But I still being only one daughter of the great serpent.

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Jormungandr should be a Titan.
It would be really cool to be able to choose between Titans or have Major god specific ones.
Or always have 2 Titans to choose from but they are dependent on your Major god.

Also why not just let us build the Major god for the Athlantians? Even if it’s just a skin. The models for Kronos and Gaia are already in the game.

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I feel the old AOM intentionally chose a “less fancy” style. It tended more towards “if such a creature exists in reality what would they probably look like”. But that is my speculation.

So the art style is different from the “men with overly decorated armor and huge shoulder plates” or “creatures with a lot of spikes and horns” like in warhammer or Blizzard games.

Centaur is just a normal man with a horse butt. Cyclops is just a taller, bulkier man with one eye and a horn. Many high fantasy styles would give them a demonic look, fangs, flaming eyes and probably many horns.

For the non-humanoid creatures they refer to actual creatures in reality. So if there is a huge land reptile it probably would look like a dinosaur. No need to add head frills and a lot of spikes to it.

I’m not an expert on this topic but this is what makes the game’s art style unique.