Pick, Ban, Fight

Hey guys!

Watching KOTD3 I’ve been thinking about what civs I would pick, who I’d ban, and who I’d prefer to fight against. So I came up with some trios of civilizations and just for fun, I’d like to hear: of the 3 who would you pick, ban, and fight?

  1. Aztecs, Mayans, Incas
  2. Franks, Teutons, Lithuanians
  3. Britons, Ethiopians, Vietnamese
  4. Huns, Tatars, Magyars
  5. Mongols, Cumans, Berbers
  6. Khmer, Malay, Burmese
  7. Spanish, Portugese, Turks

Feel free to create your own trio as well!

For the first I’d pick Aztecs, ban Mayans, fight Incas.

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  1. pick Mayans, ban Aztecs, fight Incas
  2. pick Franks, ban Lithuanians, fight Teutons
  3. pick Britons, ban Vietnamese, fight Ethiopians
  4. pick Huns, ban Magyars, fight Tatars
  5. pick Mongols, ban Cumans, fight Berbers
  6. pick Khmer, ban Burmese, fight Malay
  7. pick Spanish, ban Turks, fight Portuguese

That was quite fun as I got going! I found 3 the hardest to decide on but also 5 and 7 were quite hard. 4 was the easiest, 6 was also quite easy.

I continue the numbers so people can just add up to them.
8. Byzantines, Japanese, Indians
9. Malians, Berbers, Saracens
10. Bulgarians, Koreans, Portuguese
11. Huns, Franks, Khmer

  1. Pick Teutons, Ban Lithuanians, fight Goths
  2. Pick Incas, Ban Mayans, Fight Teutons
  3. Pick Italians, Ban Britons, Fight Turks

1.pick Mayans, ban Incas, fight Aztecs (old school matchup 11)
2.pick Lith, ban Franks, fight Teutons (gotta use those leitis)
3.Pick Vietnamese, ban Ethiopian, fight Britons
4.pick Huns, ban Tatars, fight Magyars
5.pick Berbers, ban Cuman, fight Mongols
6.pick Malay, ban Khmer, fight Burmese
7.pick Spanish, ban Portuguese, fight Turks
8.Pick Japanese, ban Byzantines, fight Indian
9.Pick Malian, ban Berbers, fight Sarracen
10. Pick Bulgarian, ban Portuguese, fight Koreans
11.Pick Franks, ban Khmer, fight Huns
12. Pick Lithuanian, ban Goths, fight Teutons
13.Pick Mayan, ban Incas, fight Teutons
14.Pick Turks, ban Italian, fight Britons

More trios:
Turks/Tatars/Cuman (aka Turks/Turks/Turks)

  1. pick Mayans, ban Incas, fight Aztecs
  2. pick Lithuanians, ban Franks, fight Teutons
  3. pick Vietnamese, ban Ethiopians, fight Britons
  4. pick Huns, ban Tatars, fight Magyars
  5. pick Cumans, ban Berbers, fight Mongols
  6. pick Khmer, ban Burmese, fight Malay
  7. pick Spanish, ban Portuguese, fight Turks