Pikes do more damage to mamelukes than camels? 🤣

:rofl: Only just realised it now… but spear line actually has bonus damage to mamelukes on top of their camel damage meaning FU mamelukes die in 4 hits :rofl: while a castle age mameluke dies in only 3 hits :rofl:

what kind of madness is this? were mamelukes raping armies and insta winning every game that so much bonus damage is allocated to them? :rofl:

inb4 “but mamelukes should never get caught by pikes” i remind everyone that due to pathing, armies form a stack before moving away, so at 3 range and 12(24!!) frame delay, celt/lith pikes can very well catch a couple mamelukes…


Mamelukes do need some love…


That’s not effective frame delay, in reality Elite mamelukes now have lower frame delay than arbalests (non-Elite have slightly more than arbs but lower than Mangudai)

BTW it used to be worse, before DE halbs did 42 bonus against mamelukes

So the wiki is completely wrong then? And has been for a long time? If a mangudai has 5 FD according to them but effectively is higher than non elite mameluke FD at 24??? Sounds very suspicious…

This post and the aoe2 database Android app is more reliable IMO
The wiki isn’t always wrong but the new frame delay system in DE has everyone confused

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Cool thanks will check it out

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It has had its ups and downs. Spears have always done a ton of dmg to mamelukes with some +/- # over the ages.

  • In AOC, mamelukes were in the cavalry and ship armor class (spears had stacking bonuses against them).
  • In AK they got added to the camel armor class but removed from the ship class. Spears still have stacking bonuses but now in camel and cavalry classes.
  • In Rajas they got the cavalry class removed and added to the mameluke armor class. Spears now have stacking bonus atk in camel and mameluke classes.
  • In DE, the bonus dmg got lowered by 5 compared to Rajas

But pikes have always done more dmg to mamelukes than camels.


Because Mamelukes are fast-moving range units with melee attack? They are more versatile to units besides cavalry.

Ill remember this the next time i never see them getting used…

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I think that their biggest problem is their cost, especially their gold cost, maybe if it would be reduced by a bit it would incourage people to use them more often.


Yeah i think so too. For such an expensive unit i think it can be killed too easily with improper use. Like double the gold of the kipchak (the next contender for ultra micro heavy unit)

So while it might be balanced in top elo where one could use it well enough to avoid getting them killled, for almost everyone else it seems hard to leverage that cost…

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