Pikes on stand ground is not optimal

Thanks to waddling duck for this. He shows how pikes’ brace Vs all cav charges actually works. (He’s got some other great vids as well, especially the HRE infantry one)

And it seems more often then not, it’s better to NOT be on stand ground. Even if some people already know this, it seems to be the norm to advise players to use stand ground, and we can see from the vid why it’s better to not be on stand ground.

Here’s to hoping we see some early Knight nerfs or pike buffs, but in the meantime this info will hopefully make it a little easier dealing with em.

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Good point and thanks for the vid reference… i have seen that animation ig, but i didnt realize there was more behind it like root, and stun :thinking:

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Yeah I had only heard of the stun from other players, but definitely didn’t know of the root as well

I also thought the pikes at least always did counter damage so was a little disappointed to see they don’t always do damage

This could be a good aspect of the game. Hope the devs have look on this.

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I did some testing based on this, it seems like the easiest way to make it work is to issue a stop command a little bit before the charge lands.

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yeah agreed, hit the nail on the head