Placeholder civs for Uralic factions?

There are people wanting to do a campaign or scenario on Baltic crusades or whatever history talking place in the Urals. However, none of the other Uralic tribes (Finn and Estonian) other than Magyars have their own civilization yet.

Which placeholder candidate would best fit the aforementioned two civs?

  • Magyars
  • Slavs
  • Lithuanians
  • Vikings
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They were in the sphere of Norse influence via raids & conquests. Vikings are fine.

The Baltic Finns were Vikings too, but the world ignores it

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Finns, Estonians and Hungarians (Magyars) all belong to the Finno-Ugric language family. Magyars are at least related to Finns and Estonians.

Lithuanians would be best if you want to represent other Baltic people like Latvians, Jatvingians and Prussians.

I think it depends what you want to achieve, and the role of the civ within the campaign.

If the campaign has you playing as Finns/Estonians, then making a custom civ seems to me the best solution. (I don’t know how to do this, but hey, I’m not the one making the campaign.)

But if the Finns/Estonians are non-player factions, any of these would be fine, and using a variety would probably make for more interesting gameplay. If it were me, I would choose civs mostly based on what units I want them to field, and pick civs with relevant bonuses to those.


Tow ways you can look at this.
1.which civi has the best matching tech tree to represent them.
2.who is the closest historically eg liths or magyars

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This is perhaps the most important point, as you can change the name of a civilization (and the architecture it uses) in the scenario editor.


It will depend on your scenario, if you already have a Viking player and a Lithuanian one in your Baltic scenario, I would use the Magyars for variety because Hungary would most likely not be present on your Baltic map.

(Or change any other civ with triggers in the scenario editor to highlight what you think is important for your scenario and Uralic civ)


I would use Vikings for Estonians, and Lithuanians for Latvians personally. Magyars don’t make sense, it’d be similar to using Teutons to represent the Britons because they’re in the same Germanic language family.

Do not use Slavs.

I’d also say that Vikings probably feel the closest to Estonians in the tech-tree. I don’t think Estonians had much of a cavalry presence and were moreso infantry focused, with Öeselians also being actual Vikings and an important part of the crusades.


If I was choosing id use celts as the uu is the closest we have for an iron age unit.Vikings are good but it will be odd if the enemy and yourself are both the same people.