Play AOE4 with Voice Commands?

Sounds exciting Right? Unfortunately this is just something that I wanted to discuss with Y’all.
It could be interesting to have this option. It would add a better experience to the player, it could give a better experience maybe a little bit more realistic because you could basically tell your villages to go to this and do that. or tell your vills build this!
What do You guys think about this? is this something AOE4 should have? why or why not?
Let’s Talk About It!

I think it would be a waste of time and resources.
Long text made short;
That could be an idea for an innovative Gamelobby amongst several companies.
And I wouldnt really use such a feature… The mouse is quicker.

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And voice detection is not that good yet, too. Cortana can’t understant the simplest commands, and Google always misunderstands everything. Adding is too much effort for a feature that few people will use and wont work correctly.