Play as the AI in campaigns , ai plays the campaigns

play as the AI in campaigns, ai plays the campaigns

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I assume @pyx33 is making a suggestion: they want to be able to play the campaigns, but as the (main) AI player rather than the human player (“play as the AI in campaigns”), with the AI taking over the human player’s role (“ai plays the campaigns”).

If so, that seems like a potentially interesting campaign/modding project for someone – although I think picking appropriate scenarios might be tricky, since in campaigns, you usually start at a disadvantage relative to the AI. Imagine, for example, playing The Siege of Jerusalem as Jerusalem, with Hospitaller and Knights Templar allies. You could easily crush an AI-controlled Saladin!


I think this would be like next to impossible to do without heavy triggers (or modding) helping the AI in achieving the mission. Not every scenario even involves starting with a town center.

AI tends to wander aimlessly and could get itself killed. There would need to be something like resource triggers or units to spawn in to help the AI. A hero unit that must survive could randomly get itself killed by picking a dumb fight.

Theoretically all of that can be solved within the AI script.

I’ve let the AI play a few campaigns before (in the human’s place), though it was just for fun in my free time and I’ve manually helped it past some of these challenges (walling in a hero unit to keep it safe or moving to a specific location to progress the story).
As I mentioned all of this could be handled within the script, depending on the mission it might not even be too much work. There is an AI scripting community around with their own forums and discord server, maybe someone there will attempt this in the future. :slight_smile:


I think it would be cool to do multiplayer campaigns. One player takes the role AI currently takes and the other takes the human’s role. Like p1 has to deliver the trade carts, p2 has to destroy them. Bonus/resources accordingly. This I think would be much easier to do with the Dotd campaigns.

Well, in a sense, it’s already being done with some campaigns having you fight against the factions from another campaign, with Joan of Arc vs Great Dukes of the West, William Wallace vs Edward Longshanks, Barbarossa vs Saladdin vs Richard Lionheart or Gengis Khan vs Kotya Khan.

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