Play koop in lan, one licence

I want to play aoe2 de bought on steam with my son in lan co-op.
How can I do that without a second license, if I absolutely need a second one, where do I have to buy it? I don’t want to create another Steam account for my son.
We both have our own Microsoft accounts. windows 10
Many Thanks.

You have to buy the game again, Steam or Xbox Store doesn’t matter, you can play with people from other platforms.

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Your son can play on your license on a separate account through Steam family sharing, but not at the same time as you. So if you want to play together you’d have to buy him a separate license (if on Steam you’d need to register a separate Steam account for him - I don’t know how it works with Xbox Store).

I don’t think it’s possible to play with him without making a separate account for him. Your requirement of not making a new account is mutually exclusive with Steam’s requirement of it not being possible to have a game open simultaneously from two computers with the same account. If you do after all make a separate account you can set it completely private from account settings so no one but you and your son can view it. If you want extra parental control you can keep the password for yourself and only log into it for him under your supervision and log it out after the game session.

Edit: since you both have Microsoft accounts it should be possible via Xbox Store (I suspect you’d have to buy a second license though)