"Play Replay" Button on Match History played wrong replay

Just finished a 4v4 game on French Pass and wanted to load that replay. The game loaded the second to last 4v4 (the last being the french pass game I wanted to watch). Tried 3 times to do this. Match summary displayed correct game info (players and civs) correctly.

Restarting the game fixed the issue.


Hello @BatoNoVenO92!

Thank you for this report. We’ll start tracking this bug internally. Please do let me know if you see this again!

Just got the bug again, but match history overview is incorrect this time.
Displays a 1v1 match 5 matches behind for the team details. However, date, map, defeat(surrender), and match lenght are correct as well.

Again restarting the game fixed the issue.

+1, having this bug also.

So, more info on the bug… it bugs the match overview for all the games of the same type according to your latest match.

If you last played a 1v1, all 1v1 replays show incorrect info (even info on team games instead)
If you play a 3v3 last, all 3v3 replays show incorrect info.

The rest of the replays show proper info and play proper file.

Did not have exactly this but maybe similar.
I won a game, went to history, it displayed as “VICTORY!” but the stats were from a different game that i lost which also showed in the stats. The replay was also from that non victory game.

Restarting fixed it for me. The topmost entry in match history now indeed showed my last played game.

I have the same issue. When i finish a game, i have to close the game and start it again, then i see the correct replays.

Same here
I click the replay, and a different replay than the one i clicked on shows up!
Strange thing is it doesn’t happen for all replay, only for about 25% of the replay.

Same here, wrong replay here!!! Pls fix this

I’ve managed to reproduce this bug.

Play a match. Check the first replay by clicking it from the profile menu. It will show a match that happened days prior.
Restarting the game fixes the issue.
I don’t know why.

Thanks, all! The team is definitely aware of this one.