Player on top likely spawn closer to water on Dunube River

I notice this after playing/watching this maps quite a lot.

Did some review and out of 10 games, 8 times the top players closer to the water, the rest are similar distance. It can still be the simple size too small, but I am 95% confidence about this and I notice the different before testing it.

Not only shorter walking distance to build a dock, in some cases could able to use TC to protect dock from attack with some wall or Mongol easily move TC fire in dock range… Not at Dunube River level, but I feel some other maps have this issue too.

Hey @NyanRacinCat! Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly, you are saying that the person in the first slot during game creation is the one who will more often than not spawn closer to the water?

No, but the player who is placed on top half of the map. And I believe it is random which players is on the top half.

I only tried it on 1v1 so not sure about tg.

Got it—appreciate the extra context. We’ll look into it. Thanks @NyanRacinCat!