Player Skill Level Algorithm

I have an idea for an equation to calculate over-all player ability based on score.

You can calculate a player’s skill level by dividing their end game score by the time played that game:
Skill = Score / time

So, if you get a score of 180,000 and the game ends at 30 mins then Skill = 180,000/(30*60) = 180,000/1800 = 100 Skill

But if the game takes 3 hours and the points remain the same, then skill = 17

Your average Skill score would factor in every ranked game but your score would not go down if you won nor would it go up if you lost.

It’s definitely not perfect, but because score is generally a good indicator of how well you’re playing, it’s better than nothing

Or you make an elorating like all aoe serie ^^

@Amphiprion said:
Or you make an elorating like all aoe serie ^^

That’s true, and that would work. Both systems have their weaknesses but what I don’t like about ELO is they give you an arbitrary number to begin with that doesn’t mean anything and then modify that number through wins and losses.

My system would reflect a player’s ability immediately with a meaningful number based on game data. Someone could come in and play an amazing game and it would be reflected immediately instead of having to gradually build your score.

Your systeme don’t work because score depend of your opponent, if both of you play agressive, your score growth slowly (becouse fighting). Score depend of level and game way, it’s not a good parameters.

I agree that score and time are not an accurate way to determine a player’s skill level. Especially against equally matched opponents, games can get drawn out, which would dramatically reduce score but in reality, the player is very skilled and would crush most other players.
I think ELO works the best, requiring you to win games to acquire points.

I think that this game does not need skill indicator, I like to spend the afternoons playing alone against 5 and I make the game last because I like to play my way and rhythm, what uqe would do a skill counter is to happen as in Starcraft II, that in less than 8 minutes you have gotten 50 soldiers from the cheap, thus not enjoying a game of RTS, that can not be called play.

I think that this game does not need skill indicator
You think wrong. If you like loose / win in 10 min its probably not the case of everybody (and the majority).

Rating don’t matter that much in aoe. Usually, the player splits the 2 weakest players in the game before starting. If you want to actually rate player skill. It depends on situation. Everyone has strength and weakness. Maybe this person is very strong in bronze but very weak in iron. Or another situation, this person is 1v1 player, not a team player at all. It is like when you are playing a racing car games. They have the difference for each car(players)acceleration, speed, traction for steering and so on.