Playerbase becoming toxic?

Maybe is just bad luck with the pairing sistem in teamgames, but lately Im feeling that the playerbase is becoming more and more toxic. Even though is true that the classic shit talking have existed for years in the community, I was very impress to see that after returning to the game recently (I play the game only in seasons in which I have enough freetime) in half the matches I had at least one teammate that if you dont go for the strat that they want (for example doing a ff with spain when he wants to rush even though spain age 2 rush is weak) or play in a certain way the just quit before even trying. I have even seen people in this teamgames in both the oponent side and in my side that they ask about your ELO and then leave the game without explanation.

I know that this might sound like a rant but I honestly want to hear your opinion on this matter because it affects the game capability to attract new players into the online matches. If the community is so unwelcoming to someone who has been playing the game for years I cant imagine how it is to someone who is trying to learn how to play against other players.

Pd.: Sorry if its hard to understand, my english is not the best


I used to get really frustrated with the terrible imbalances of the game before I quit. I have to admit I could be a bit toxic when I got solidados lamed or Chinese deathballed just to name a few.

People are frustrated.

There are natural jerks also of course

I highly recommend you only play 1v1 ranked. In my opinion that is how the game was designed and balanced to be played. Again, my personal opinion is that team games involve far less skill and rather just luck who you are paired with and who you are matched against. That is the primary reason why 1v1 is much much better. Two opponents who the computer has determined to be of similar skill play against each other. If you lose or win it is more likely to be because of your own choices (occasionally a China deathball or other imbalance is to blame). Personally I find this a lot more rewarding. I don’t even like to watch team games because it just seems like a bunch of random chaos and units thrown together to me. Sure there will still be people who unpause the game when you have to go see who is at the door or who type ‘gg ez’ while using some super easy civ like Otto before the game is even over, but not very often. I usually just reply ‘I agree, you should trying using a harder civ’.

Toxicity is the nature of competitive games. This is why I loved the old TAD crew I used to play with - None of us played to win, we played to get drunk and have fun.

I almost solely play FFAs because Howlingwolfpaw and the people he attracts have been among the most fun and non-competitive players I ever got to fuck around with. I’m hoping there’s still a lot of scenarios around, too.