Players can't get over being tower rushed

as shown on this screenshot after game, I did not say a single word the whole game. didnt cheat, didn’t flame, i used tower rush strat and he lost, he throw some bad words, calling me shameless…not the first time happenning. there is a 2v2 game i played before that where I was italians and tower rushed, and won the game. Opponent called me and my (random) teammate smurf. Why are these players so salty when getting towered?

So why should i feel shame for tower rushing? Isn’t this a legit strat or is this a bad behavior? i don’t understand these players’ mentality.

As someone who is infuriated when under any kind of Feudal aggresion, I can explain what happened. Your opponent felt that you didn’t let him breath. He sat on his PC looking to have fun with the game, and said game ended before he could produce his first military unit. There are a lot of players who don’t like that. There are a lot of players who don’t want to lose, be it in Feudal, Castle or Imperial. To put it simple: he felt humiliated by you.


i know it is like "whenever opponent attack me, I am angry. he should just let me boom till imp and flood him with paladins and win. "

But again if i beat him normally he won’t complain. People only flame me for Trushing. Don’t you think trush is legit?

Also the mentality you described happens with 800 elo player then I understand. But my opponents are 1300s to 1500s in elo, Feudal attack is extremely common. So why is he still angry? xD…I have no idea…also in this game opponent sneaked a barrack and stable behind my base before I even tower rush him xDDDD

Smurf may imply that it was not about the tower play.


Its risky and a very difficult strategy to execute. You seem to have done really well and this probably makes them suspect you’re cheating or smurfing. Which is also something a few players have been doing. Anyways kudos to you if you have had good success with straight tower rushes.

People get tilted sometimes when you subvert their expectations, whether it’s by laming, tower rushes, Castle drop → Conqs, sneaks, or off-meta strats that you execute well enough to have success with. Nothing wrong with any of those things, just people getting salty sometimes when you outplay them with any kind of non-standard approach. That’s all.

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I didn’t smurf though. I was about 50% winrate you can check my records. I was playing at my peak elo right now about 1400 in TG

I really like Trush these days I Trush about 80% of the game if map is land. It is so fun and of course sometimes it succeed sometimes it fails but I get a lot of rant from opponent

It was not an accusation as much as to point you to the actual issue at hand. You played with quick wits that made them think you were a tier above them. Exceptional tower rushes live and die on quick wits.

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Tbf that game it was very yolo we all random civ and i got italians. So i used the university bonus to max. Got fully upgraded guard towers and annoyed both opponents and distracted them. Also sling my teammate. Eventually i did keep with arrowslits and towered much of their back while my teammate fought the frontline. That’s a more fun way to play 2v2 than standard crossbow knight which is boring. I got inspiration watching lyx…people should respect my strategy instead of insulting me. But sad thing as a tower rusher is more often I get insult/trash talking/flaming instead of a polite GG.

For reference, I was not putting down the skill of the other players. If they called you a smurf, they simply thought you played at least a tier above them, or they did not know what the term means.

In low elo games , anything can happen so there is nothing need to talk about.

In high elo games, TR happens, but not without transitions. IMO, pure TR , douching, lame, walling off resources are bad sportsmanship. They made the game less fun and not helpful for increasing overall skills. I have watched many 2k+ elo games and people rarely do these, and they usually send sheep back to the opponents.

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I (partially) disagree, in lower (around 1000 and below) elos you just dominate, very few people know what to actually do, I honestly very rarely use the strat, if I used it more often my elo would rise too much and I would die if I tried any other strategy later

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spot on. i dont play multiplayer because i dont want to deal with bullshit feudal rushes that i dont find fun to play against or use myself

Je peux parfaitement comprendre que ton adversaire se soit senti humilier.
Mais pour ma part, j’ai plutôt envie de me moquer de lui.
Se prendre un rush tour a l’age féodal faut vraiment être un débutant, sans ressources, et cela signifie qu’il était trop en retard…
Faire un rush tour c’est bien, mais c’est à double tranchant. Si il s’en est pas sortit, c’est entièrement de sa faute. Si cela m’arriverait, je serais énervé, mais je ce serait surtout contre moi même :wink: cela prouverai que j’ai été trop lent.

I’ve noticed people complain when you use Towers and Castles to support your push because somehow people see them as defensive buildings despite in medieval history being used in sieges and also been intended to be used in that way by the devs:

Q) Have you guys considered lengthening the time it takes to
build TC’s and Castles as a solution to the TC push?

A) No. Even if we were to delay the TC’s build time, we
wouldn’t want to make castles take longer — a “castle rush” is
historical and we’d like to support it.

  • Source: Ask Sandy IV - a Q&A session with Sandy Petersen from 11th October 1999, so roughly 2 weeks after the game’s original release