Players deliberately AFK

Hi everyone, can a player that goes AFK deliberately be reported somehow? If yes, what should I report him for? Is there a name for this?

Said player even typed in the chat mocking us, not contributing at all.

In the statistic panel after the game there is a button to report players. If you click on it, then there a reason called ‘AFK’ (as far as i reminder). Otherwise just call it grieving and just explain the issue in the text box.

I must admit: Seems like the devs dont really look at these reports of players, which is ashame.

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Many thanks, I’ll try to report him/her.

I had one game where one of our allies knew somebody from the enemy team, and then worked with him to hide vills in corner of the map behind many many stone walls. In the meantime he was using mangonels to friendly fire our bases. Wtf is wrong with some people?

Took us a damn long time but we won eventually.