Players having map revealed at the beginning of the game

I don’t have recordings on so I can’t uplaod it and this will get removed, but I just was playing “Ottoman Player” clearly a new account made to just focus on ottomans, as they were playing them.

the player clearly had the map revealed and manuevered units into fog of war to catch my raiding hussars, built town center near water where i had expanded (map was caucasus), no way he would have seen the villager slip past.

also had an extremely large amount of units within minutes even after I defeated his army by playing defense well.

I keep trying to flag this issue but I have no idea what else to do besides report and they will just make new accounts. it ##### ### this will kill the game.

There’s this unit called the spy introduced in the warchiefs expansion it has a great LoS and has stealth you can place them in strategic points. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

The last multiplayer match you played is always recorded under the filename “Record Game.age3Yrec”

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Semi-related, at least half the time I try to open those or renamed files I get a “recording error”. Do you happen to know how to fix that? (even in the same update, I lose all when the patch changes but that seems to be a different issue)

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You might need to turn off steam cloud save if you have it enabled for the game( if you play through steam). That solved that issue for me

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You need to find the recording. If you have no evidence at all then I don’t think your claim stand true. Also if you suspect he saw your units, most of time players claim that what really happens is some of enemy’s unit spotted your movement, or opponent pre-emptively placed units there. Because Caucasious map has low hunt and very easy to predict where enemy villagers are.

Also just having some raiding unit spotted doesn’t mean enemy “has entire screen revealed at beginning of game”. This is not correlated. Opponent able to mass again after losing army also has nothing to do with line of sight. It is just better macro from opponent, especially he is controlling the map on resource scarce Caucasious.

Lastly just to point out posting opponent game name in forum is not allowed so most likely your post will be removed.


If you suspect opponent cheat in game, most likely you will check recording immediately after game. So why can’t you post it here? Maybe I think you didn’t find any evidence that opponent cheated

Sometimes people get lucky too. I know one time I was playing vs a guy playing Mexico and I randomly sent my explorer across the map to near his base (maybe not randomly, I was playing a civ that could rush, so knowing what’s on his side of the map is useful information). I happened to find his cow scouting lol. Guy was super mad and accused me of hacking.

I think (not sure though) after that he started a treasure around his base that I managed to steal (I had come around his base and found him working on it or something). That made him mad too I think. Maybe he shouldn’t have started the treasure when he knew I was on his side of the map?

I might have taken another treasure from him later and a few times I was able to find his units because they came into my base’s los. I was playing Huad so War Huts and TC both have great los.

The guy flamed me during and after. Was almost kinda funny.

All that to say, sometimes a little bit of luck, or good game sense can lead to things like what you described. Building TCs on the water isn’t a bad move. He could have wanted to go on water later or if he looked at your deck and saw water cards he might have wanted to shut that down. And catching raiders also just happens sometimes