Players who drop don't become AI controlled players

In Company of Heroes, and many other games, if a player drops, the AI takes over the player so you at least have a chance. Anyway to fix this to happen like in previous Relic games?

It is very frustrating and not user friendly to deal with people dropping early on in the game when you still have a chance. Not a good user experience at all. So many games end early because someone dropped and so does the rest of the team then.

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There needs to be an ability to reconnect to team games still in progress. I’ve personally seen 3 or 4 random instant crashed on my computer that left my team stranded (a very small percentage of games, but it’s still frustrating when it happens). Having the AI control in addition to the ability to reconnect before the game ends would be good.

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Thank you both! We appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve Age IV’s online experience.