I just updated the game to the crossplay copy and I only see 2 games. Where is everyone???

Check if there is some filter selected. It happened to me to (even if I didn’t select them). After I play a game I always have the 2v2 or 3v3 filter applied even if I didn’t apply it. But yea in general it happens to me also that there are no lobbies at all for several minutes. It seems better to me to create a lobby, it seems faster.

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Not everybody is able to update the game to the latest version which has crossplay, so half the player base is stuck with the old version and thus cannot play against/with the Steam version people.

That is why the number of games is still low.

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What happen? I had to uninstall everything to get the new copy to download. Does MS know about this?

Yeah no one playing, and this is w/ steam and store, jeez