Playing Age of Empires II: DE? We want to hear from you!

With the first month under wraps and our biggest update now available to play, we’d like to hear about your experience with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. If you’ve been playing the game, now is your chance to take a moment and complete our brief survey:

The survey will only be open for a limited time, so be sure to load it up if you want to share your experience with the team!

Thanks, everyone! :heart_decoration:


Is it critical that we play the new patch first before responding to the survey? Just wondering. Thanks! And ‘by a limited time’, are you able to offer any clues on if that’s hours, a day, or a few days? Only asking because I won’t be able to try the new patch until tomorrow+


New patch is not necessarily critical. It is more of a gut check based on your experience. That said, any issues you touch on that have been fixed by the update will detract from the rest of your feedback, so I would recommend taking some time to get up-to-speed with the game before jumping into the survey.

As for the time limit, I don’t have exact numbers, but know that the survey will close when the team has enough responses to work with!

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Thanks, and wow, this is a very long survey… with no ability to save so we can get back to it later. There should be a progress bar at the top or something saying how many questions are left. Sometimes we’re not able or wanting to do it all in one sitting; especially when a survey is so long. I appreciate all the questions, but sometimes we try to do these during a break or lunchbreak at work.


just to give people a heads up
this is a LONG survey. so make sure you have atleast 45 min free time ( if you really want to answer it)


big sorvey, did it!!

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Yep, for sure. At least like 45-60 minutes, depending on how thoughtful and thorough your answers are, and/or if you’re multitasking a little.

Just finished the survey! Quite big.

You don’t have to provide detailed answers for everything, but if you wish to it may take a bit longer. I did it in about 20 minutes and I think it was worth it to give a bit of feedback and to be honest with how much work the devs have put in 20 minutes is nothing.

You must be joking. There is no other explanation. You had a game that was at least okay for 20 years and you managed to turn it into a chaotic thing. But the graphics are modern, so you deserve 20 euros. I don’t think you can find so many bugs on a finished game, let alone a “definitive edition”.

It took you 1 month to adress just a balance issue with the cumans that made the game a laughing stock online. And then half of the Single player issues have not even been recognised as such. I cannot believe that you managed to make me angry about a game I’ve been playing for so long.

WHY THE FYCK DO BULGARIANS SUDDENLY AGGRO THE PLAYER ON HONFOGLALAS? People who are playing only SP have paid for the friking game as well. And afaIk, since this game is not an e-sport yet, we are the bulk of your target audience. But I assume, since we don’t make any youtube videos about this, you won’t pay any attention. You offered a game that has clearly issues everywhere an issue could be.

One and only question. Aren’t you ashamed just a little bit? Merry Xmas, thanks for the “update” and the 24 hour survey…

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I loved the game but I stil can’t play the multiplayer. It’s so bad that since the game came out I’ve been trying, but I droped 75% of my games. I have a 120 Mbts cable internet and it just dosen’t matter stil can’t play the game. It is so frustrating, I was waiting for the game since it was anounced, I bought before it came out. It has been 3 weeks and I can’t play the game I love so much. Which meens my concerns of people returning to voobly are becoming true since I am back to voobly. I simply can’t play the game. It realy sucks.


I find it comical that so many people with high-end specs seem to have all these issues. I have an i5 and a terrible old GTX 550 Ti GPU and the game runs great and looks pretty good. No problems to report in either SP or MP.

The work you did is sublime. Everything, graphics, new civs, the art of war, the better IA, the scenario editor, everything from to the top. The only thing I would like being a singleplayer campaigns fan is a more difficult IA, maybe add a new kind of challenge like HARDEST or EXTREME, mostly for all campaigns which I love every single one of them. Thanks a lot and keep with the good work! Happy Holidays!

The survey is filled!

Thanks for the game. My game enjoyment is strongly suffering from the fact that I’m part of that minority of player that can’t play multiplayer yet because of odd disconnection issues, but i’m confident it will be fixed, or I will be very frustrated.

However, the game is amazing, great content, thank you.

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When will you fix the constant crashing?

I guess this is goodbye…

The survey terms state that the survey itself cannot be discussed without prior authorization, but I can guarantee you that there is plenty of opportunity for you to deliver insights about everything you stated above if you take it.

I tried, but i guess i failed. Being reminded of survey terms is quiet clear, don’t help us or you get sued. I be removing the message now and i won’t be writing anything on the forum. What a waste that was the time i spend filling all those surveys, reporting the bugs…

You will not be sued nor punished in any sense for anything you’ve said. I haven’t reminded the survey terms to threaten or advice, I did that just to clarify that I wasn’t getting into detail about it. What I’ve said is just that the survey has plenty of questions for you to opine about all your complaints.

Taking a survey is absolutely facultative, by the way. Don’t be shy of joining discussions, just stay polite.