Playing custom scenarios as other than p1


I’ve spent ages making a beautiful 8-player custom scenario. If I play it online, I can be any of the 8 players, but I suffer some lag. If I play it as an offline standard game, even if I spawn as say player 6 (pink), I’m still forced to be the civilisation of player 1… the civilisations, which should be locked, don’t stay with the different players the way they do in the multiplayer lobby. Is this normal? Also, in a standard game why can I only be in the top slot? I have set all eight players to “either”, so not always AI.

On an unrelated note, how do I set it so that e.g. killing a hero causes that player to be defeated? The triggers section of the editor seems empty, most of the buttons e.g. add condition do nothing when I click on them… is there a guide to things like this somewhere?

Thanks! <3