Playing offline


Due to my job and/or assignments I am not always able to get internet.

How can I play my Save Games, my costume scenarios and most important the Costume Campaigns I am Subscribed to??? (I love Costume Campaigns :grin: )

Normally I just get acces to the original Campaigns but have to start from the beginning, even if I already played them before.

Any advice will be appreciated

Thank you :blush:

Single player > Load a save will let you play anything you saved. Single player > Campaigns > Custom Campaign will let you play any custom campaigns you have downloaded.

Thank you

I tried before and my only options were to start the campaigns again and only 1 of my created appeared none of my subscribed campaigns.

However last time I tried was a year ago and now may be different with the updates.

BTW, I am using Microsoft connection.

ALSO… just to confirm… Subscribed is the same as Download???