Playing russia vs japan difficult for me. what can i do?

Playing russia is specially difficult civ to play versus japan, i have to have many many houses to equal damage per second.
And is extremely dificcult to touch a flamethrower when ashigarus have 35 real damage each 1.5 secs versus cavalry. and are have 17 of real damage ranged versus cavalry each 3 seconds.

Russia is almost bottom tier now, see devs will buff it or not.

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What strategy are you using against Japan?
Usually russia does well on this match up as japan struggles with early pressure.
You wanna have 5 cossack and 10 streelets on his base by the 5:30min mark, keep unit production and vill production and have constant pressure!!
If you only siege shrines you will give the japan player time to boom!!
It usually takes 8 to 9 min for the shrine boom to start paying off


Send 300 wood card

Age up with 14 villagers, select 400 wood politician

Build barracks during transition near his base and get Hunting Dogs from market
When you hit Age 2, send 5 cossack and produce 5 musks from barracks (should be ~5 minutes, he should have almost no army at this time)

Since Japan doesn’t need to collect food from far away, it’s hard to kill villagers, so the best you can do is just pressure the villagers to stay inside TC and not collect from the orchard.
The TC will 1-shot your strelets and hurt your cav, but use your explorer to tank initially and continue pressure. Don’t let TC kill most of your units, keep popping in and out of range and don’t let him build a barracks.

Honestly, Russian inf is so weak that you probably may not be able to take TC down in Age 2. But if you feel brave and want to - have 700F, 700G, 600F, 600G cards ready if you want to mass musks and try to end it if you want.

Depending on how Japan reacts, he may play under the TC and send resource crates OR try to fight you and make infantry.

Do not let him build a barracks. Scout around his base to see if an outlying villager is trying to build a barracks. Kill him, and your life will be a little easier. This will force him to only send military shipments, delaying his resource cards to age.

If he sends ashi, send 13 strelet
If he sends nagi or yumi, send 4 cossack
Whatever unit he builds, build the counter from your forward barracks.

And if you maintain the advantage of pressure, have 5-10 musks destroying shrines far away from the TC. He won’t be able to send a small army out there if he’s busy trying to defend his villagers near his TC.

If the Japan player is good and does manage to get Age 3 (your rush failed), send 700G, wall up as much as you can, and send falconets as fast as you can. Scout and see what kind of army he’s making, and if he is making nagata riders, send 5 cav archers and build a stable. They are so strong that producing infantry against them is useless.

From there, it just gets rough and I pray that you win lol.

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not really the town centers usually have 90 dmg at max without cards from the deck and the strelets have 72hp with 30% resists from ranged attack so 90 - 27 is 63

Technically yeah, but the point is, usually after fighting off their military shipments and taking some damage, strelets shot by TCs are done for anyways. I don’t like using strelet to seige a TC unless I know I’ll take it quickly. Garrisoned TCs could eat an army of Age 2 strelet before I even hit half HP on the TC.

only aztecs are below russians in the tier rank

i finally made it

i just attacked his vills very soon, and when he got naginata i had to use cossacks, because musketeers are very weak


Yeah, the same thing applies to fighting Spain and Germany as well. When they use lancers or uhlans, I don’t even bother making musks. I get a stable up and just make some cossack for a soft counter until I get that age 3 cav archer shipment.

Even if musks are upgraded in Age 3, they are so garbage that it is still not worth putting them up against cav