Please add a queue skip timeban

As title says, please introduce a system like the one in League of Legends called “Leaver Buster System”.

If you queue skip more than 3 times within the same day, you get a 15 minute timer on every queue-up for the next 5 games.


What would happen if I disconnect?

i can see that put in affter bugs about disconnects are fixed. i think then this problem wouldnt exist

What do you mean by ‘queue skipping’. Just let the game drop since you dont lik the map and start queueing again? What about people who skip in the first minutes of the game? When they say there opponent / have a map generated map?

I played someone yesterday. He said he had much lag and wanna fix it. Ok. So i waited. Some seconds later he paused again, still having lag and doing nothing. I could unpause and easy win, but playing against someone AFK isnt fun. So after wating for some minutes, i still didnt get any response. So i left the game after 4 minutes (ingame time). For some reason i didnt lost any elo. Will this also be queue skipping?

i think leaving one game ounce in a whiel will not be a promblem.
anyway lever buster makes sence for team games(lol, cod, etc.) but not for two player game

A good idea. People will stop skipping maps.