Please add a selection of biome in skirmish and custom lobby!

Mostly I’m a casual skirmish player and I’m so tired of restarting my game because of the wrong biome. Like when you play a game Poles vs Teutons and there a llamas on the map :man_facepalming:t2:

Maybe it’s a little thing, but it’s important in a game strongly connected with history. Sure sometimes it’s fun to play with Aztecs vs Mongols on a Scandinavia map, but sometimes you want something more historically accurate.

It would be cool to have such an option. I saw that in Aoe IV there is an option of choosing the biome on the map.


There is the option to use custom random maps, there might be versions of popular random maps that always have the same theme.

Because the way AoE2 works it would be harder to implement the feature then it is in AoE4. Also not every map has the same biome variations.

i understand where you are coming from with this, but i think it would be pretty hard to implement since it would probably require an overhaul of how random map scripts work

An option to select the biome would be great :smile:.

I think this would be doable for official random map scripts, but they would need to be rewritten somewhat. Currently, they implement biomes in several different ways – the newer ones do it very differently from the ones DE released with, and some don’t use/support different biomes at all.

It would be impossible to do it in a way that works with custom map scripts though. Different map scripters use their own custom biomes and implement them in different ways, so there would be no uniform way for the game to set the biome within a custom script.

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