Please....add a way to disable chat filter

Add…a ■■■■■■■■…way…to…disable…the…horrible…chat…filter (The game filter)

Now I know what people are going to say, “shouldn’t you be mature enough to NOT use swear words?”
here’s the thing, it’s not only about censoring that, but also a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be censored like regular words in spanish, it’s a horrible chat filter.

EDIT: Wow, how funny, one of my words which wasn’t even a swear word got censored here too …jesus christ why…


damn is considered a cuss word, that is why
edit: maybe not? Lol

it needs a god before it lol


@IcarusDuCer Please PM me the details and I’ll take a look. Already made an exception for a Spanish word upon request.

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is that really the solution you guys are giving? really? so instead on working on a chat filter toggleable you expect us to give you every specific word that the filter censors ? you want us to do the work?

There are legitimate reasons for having the forum word censor and this is not up for debate.

I am a volunteer and not a developer. There’s only so much I can do, but will pass along the suggestion to make the forum word censor optional.

My understanding of the Spanish language is limited, so please help me help you.

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I am not refering to the forum filter, but the game filter, (unless it’s the same exact one)

They are not the same censor/filter. Your original post clearly identifies a concern about the censor on the forums because there is a screenshot of the forums included. If you would like to make a suggestion about the game censor, please create a separate topic and reference an in game screenshot demonstrating the issue.

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There is a word “gringo” that is not derrogatory or anything, it’s a word we Mexicans call people from the US, yet it’s censored

Probably because of snowflakes

sad but true! prob the people at the north of north america …hehe

Please create a separate topic specific to the game filter and provide examples.