Please add an alarm with a different sound for villagers that are being killed

i think this could be the best mod ever, specially for new players, i just played with a guy that lost 30villagers because he was battling with his troops but he never heared the alarm of atack of his villagers , because it is undistinguisable from the alarm atack of militars being atacked.

but i think we needed as part of the game and not as a mod


I think it’s even so bad that the whole alarm doesn’t get triggered if you’re actively engaged in combat. I’ve lost so many villies across matches to someone sneaking a handful of cav into a the gathering line. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal but unit colors also just don’t really stand out on the minimap on a lot of maps, meaning you cannot really use it reliably to detect raids either.

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Yes I have encountered it.
The opponent first used explorers to attack my hunting villagers to create an alarm.
After I found out, I ignored it and the other party secretly sent cavalry to kill my villagers

Guys lol, it’s a skill to get in the game.

Raiding villagers with sneaky cav during fight is a big part of AOE3 multiplayer, you can’t ask a big red alarm everytime someone does it. ^^

You will get used to it, it’s part of AOE3’s charm. :slight_smile:

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im not stupid, i will make or ask for a mod


I don’t know, there’s a line between a mod and a cheat. I don’t know if a mode that make a raid easier to be seen would be legit in multiplayer. I would not use it, and many people would rage if everyone start to use that kind of things cause it would change the game meta.

I don’t like that idea to be honest, for me it’s te same that people who used mh in legacy.