Please add an option for projectiles to have the Arambai's projectiles' property

In case you somehow don’t know, Arambai’s projectiles are hardcoded to do full damage instead of half when missing the intended target, which is a good change, but it’s only the Arambai that got this change instead of all ranged units.
I’m currently making a mod that’s supposed to overhaul the game and make it more realistic, and archers are a big focus. I increased their range, increased their damage per shot, but therefore also their reload time and made them inaccurate. This makes using archers really satisfying, as you see a huge amount of arrows flying towards the enemy in a large radius.
But there’s one problem, the fact that missed projectiles only do half damage. It makes archers, even when I give them a large amount of attack, useless in ranged combat. But what when I give them even more damage to compensate for that? Well, they become way too strong in close range combat. Now there’s no real reason this exists in the first place, probably just someone developing the original AoE2 thinking to himself “this might be neat”, but I’m not even demanding that this mechanic is to be removed, which it should, but I’m not. All I want is to have some kind of tickbox or something like that in AGE to toggle this mechanic for a projectile. That’s really all I want from this game at this point, because I know that, especially with now AoE4 coming up sometime soon, all my other dreams won’t come true anyway.
Luckily the property is hardcoded to the projectile and not to the unit, so I can use the projectile for every arrow-based unit to some extent, but that doesn’t fix the problem for all other kinds of projectiles.