Please add an option to disable the "Disable mods on game crash" function

Yes, even if it is the fault of the mod, unless it’s actually preventing the game opening, I’d like a way to ignore this. It’s really annoying when you’re actively troubleshooting and you need an additional restart each time it crashes just to turn the mods back on. I’m glad this is a feature, but please give the option to disable the safety check.


It cant be that hard to add an option to disable ingame error messages like this.


Yes please! I constantly have to deal with this popup while map scripting. Whenever the editor crashes it takes much longer to relaunch the game than it used to, since I need to click through this popup and wait for it to reload all of the mods.

A checkbox in the options menu to disable this, along with a NOMODS launch option on Steam just to force them all to be disabled in case there actually is an issue, would be really helpful.


In a lot of mainstream software (and many games), upon crashing, the next startup will have a choice to “launch in safe mode”, which typically disables plugins and demanding settings.

AOE2DE can have similar options.

For example:

  • Start normally.
  • Safe mode (disable mods).
  • Safe mode (disable mods, use lowest setting).
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