Please add mercenary units for all civs

Native civs can also together with animals and plants create a fantastic game experience.

See for example this post from the aoe3 forum from a peaceful congo night:

All those suggestions can be done if there are some modders who want to do it.

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Really? I thought the mod tools can now not import models.(Hopefully in the near future) I’m not a moder but I think this means no new plants, animals and civs as well as new units can be created.

Remember that it is in beta phase, over time the range can be expanded.

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Yes that’s true. Hopefully they will add this possibility and others to the mod editor.

Due to the great differences in the arms of each country, AOE3 needs mercenaries available to everyone to make up for its lack of arms; in AOE4, each faction can build the same units, resulting in AOE4’s demand for mercenaries is not as high as AOE3 is as huge and not as attractive.

Of course, for mods, various functions are welcome, but I am not optimistic about the appearance of mercenaries in normal games.

I would be more for changing as many units as possible for each Civ, so almost every unit is a bit of a unique unit.

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I also think there should be more unique units per civilization. Units which multiple civilizations have in common should look different.

I think mercenary units should also be added. They were very cool in AOE3. Despite they add atmosphere. Especially when they differ from BIOM. Similar like animals and plants in previous Age of Empires.