Please add more Gaia "Other" scenery stuff ! !!

I know this shouldn’t be a priority but I think i’d be cool if more gaia misc / scenery objects like new mountains and trees should be added, I love making real world maps and decorating them to be as geographically accurate as possible but I think its quite limited when it comes to gaia objects, I wish there would be new type of mountains, rocks trees etc.

Thank you!


And more hero skins.maybe few more variations of the female units to celebrate womans day.

Btw does anyone have the musketeer graphic from the aoe3 event.

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Just search for it in the mod browser and download the one uploaded by Zetnus.

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I agree with OP and also with @Mahazona, with Rise of Rajas they added a lot of gaia content for editor. I wish they did it also for Duke of The West, maybe religious european elements.

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I’d always welcome new editor stuff.
New ruins, new mountains and nature, stalls, statues.

And what about building animations? Like… the barracks with people training inside, or a blacksmith working inside an armory, stuff like that.

Or even play around with Building or unit size like you could do with Age of mythology (or was it a mod? )


Second this. I pay special attention to decoration and details in my custom maps.