Please add more immersive Campaign missions

Since I believe you are working on new content, (I have no infos, just what people rumor on the forums), I would like to ask the dev team, to brainstorm a bit on how to make the campaign missions more immersive.

I played all four campaigns in AOE4 through. I very much like the video content around and the stories you tried to tell, but still it does not come near to immersion some AOE2 missions had.

I played AOE2DE just before I started the AOE4, and I must tell, that despite the older graphic engine, the missions felt much more lively and engaging. In AOE4, I cannot pick a single mission, where I felt the “world” engaging. Most of them were cold, TODO list like, just do the next thing on the list. The contrast to the old game is quite huge, where I can recall missions after 9 month better than any of the AEO4 missions.

The maps were interesting to explore, not just a blank “give me the resources I need”… the cities looked interesting, there were great water maps, and really interesting scenarios and decisions sometimes (or at least the illusion).

Please, have the level designer play the old game to get an inspiration. Brainstorm or analyse what the differences are. I am not sure if issue is just money to produce content around… In fact, the small animated storytelling in AOE2 was just enough context and the story was told during the gameplay, not before and after.


I enjoy campaings a lot so i’d love too see more coming to the game. Thought, i dislike missions where you cannot produce units. I haven’t been able to finish the french campaing for this reason.

I totally agree. The AOE2 campaigns where much more entertaining. AOE4 campaigns should be more immersive like in AOE2.

Please developers rethink the campaigns. At the moment they are not good like they are. Good campaigns are important for casuals / non competitive players and in general for a RTS which wants to be successful.

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Second that as I am a casual player as well. Couldn’t spend much time competing with others after office but would like to enjoy history and somehow city-building :slight_smile:

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The developers should do more to for the casual players. The potential casual player base is much higher than the competitive one. Unfortunately besides season 1 all patches so far were made for the competitive players.