Please add more time to recconect

please if conections problems happen with a player, give more time for himt o reconenect around 5 minutes or 8 minutes, and we can activate it on an option, to be only available for some hosted matches that we do with friends


This is a headache. They should be at least 2 minutes long, even in competitive.

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It should be like legacy where it waits 60(or more) seconds but players have the option to drop if everyone votes unanimously

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In Smite when an user crashes or loses connection, he can reconnect after restarting the app/basically loggin back. Why can’t we do the same in 3DE ?

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In fact they should just implement a reconnect option so if your game crashed or dced you can just re log and get into the game for 5-10mins. If you are idl enemy can kill you easy and if not back by 5-10mins then you will be resigned.