Please add peace time

please add peace time for age of empires 4 its very important to give players some time to build everything and diplomacy its important to give some reality


The game should have a treaty game mode like other aoe games.

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Please make treaty half map on default.

Half map means your units can only enter your half of the map and of course you can’t build in the other half.

In AoE3 you can only build around your Town Centre but walk anyway. Not the best solution.


Agreed, treaty should be in the game for the game journalists and faint of heart.

Can you build stuff anywhere on the map on AOE4? It would suck only build things around ur starting tc

And for learning the game. :wink:

The truth is, I think it would take away from the game since they designed mechanics like scouts or men at arms in dark age and it would take away some of the entertainment of playing very aggressive from the beginning

Its in the other games. It is popular in custom lobbies. Its no different then playing arena. You aren’t getting man at arms past stone walls.