Please add Ranked Lobbies!

I think I can speak on behalf of the community that letting the game decide on maps and matchups, (civ wise and skill wise), isnt a good idea with such a small player base. Especially on Treaty where after 7 minutes, you are pretty much guaranteed to face the top players in the game no matter what your skill is.


Yes, i was hyped by the fact they wanted to add it, but the insign system is just impossible to understand and way too small…

Just add the old system, it was clean and clear. Captain, lieutnant etc… I mean i’m sure it’s even less work than working on the insigns logos…

Even today people use to ask other’s rank on legacy to know who they play with, as there is absolutely no way to know on that DE…


I don’t think they should change their design of multiplayer just for treaty players. Quick Search exists for ranked games. If they make lobby ranked, it will kill the purpose of quick search, and quick search will die like it did in the original. If quick search dies, finding games will become harder, not easier.

But currently, Quick Search is broken for treaty. I made a post about it here just minutes ago: TREATY quick search (Play a Ranked Game) is in a TERRIBLE state! Devs please intervene!

What they need to do is fix the Quick Search for treaty, which is in accordance with the design objective of multiplayer.


Please devs… just add Ranked ELO Lobbies… It’s so annoying. You can’t play Ranked Team Games without premades because of the lack of team balancing… 1300s elo players are being matched with 1700-1900 elos


They pushing for players to spend $60 to buy aoe4. Why would they do this?