Please add ranked queue for RoR

Very less player for teamgame lobby so please add rankewd queue for fastest find a teamgame


It is impossible to implement match making for that port, please understand, there are no hidden players, just take a look at the numbers:

and 1x1:

You can’t have match making with such low numbers, just move fwd, that game was never alive.

Have you ever considered that the number of players is so low because of not having a proper ranked mode? People want to try it if it had a proper ranked mode.

I havent played RoR ranked because of this reason. If it had match making i would have tried it. And with me many others.

But i feel like match making should have been part of the release. When there was a big hype. Currently the hype is already down. I dont really know if many will try out RoR if it gets a proper ranked mode.

At least the devs has stated that they have seen our complaints and they will make changes to RoR ranked. But they havent specified which changes.


I played 7 games, lost all, had 700-something elo, create a lobby, a 1100 played joined the lobby and dodged immediatly. I didn’t really tried it again since then. Before that I joined a lobby of somebody with very special setting, it was ranked but more like Empire Wars on Zitadele. It needs automatic matchmaking. if just a 700 and a 1100 want to play within like 5 minutes, they should be just matched against each other.

With Matchmaking I would play it again. Maybe I will look again into AoE1-DE at some point, maybe there are more players.

There should also be a matchmaking for FFA and Diplomacy games in AoE2, since finding lobbies can be annoying and elo is nice to have.


I Am totally agree to you its needs a Ranked que

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It is already too late. There is no hope left any more. RoR is already death.

  1. Have ranked at launch and the option to queue for AoE2 and RoR at the same time. Then RoR might have been a good addition to the game.
  2. Dont have RoR at all. Dont waste time on something that fails.

The devs picked a different option. As result it fails. RoR was never really alive because of the design errors of the devs. It was a waste of time and money for the devs to invest in RoR.

You say as if you dont complain already about the new civ DLCs

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